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Dr. Dror Green, Online Psychotherapist

Welcome to psychom, the first online clinic


Online psychotherapy or online counseling  is a magical new world, enabling millions of people to access information, find support, professional psychotherapy and counseling. In psychom  I have developed the first online clinic for psychotherapy, that both documents the therapeutic process and maintains clients' confidentiality. The online clinic is a safe place for the therapeutic interaction, while integrating all kinds of online communication, in writing or through video-conferencing.

In psychom I wish to share with you the knowledge I have been acquiring since 1999, as one of the pioneers in this new field. I will also share with you my knowledge as a specialist in various psychotherapeutic approaches. In psychom you will find information regarding psychotherapy and the therapeutic interaction. The open forum will give you the opportunity to consult with me about psychotherapy and online psychotherapy at any time.
In psychom's library you will find books and papers concerning psychotherapy. 
Each of us experiences crises during our lives, due to problems in interpersonal relationships, as the result of unexpected events, or as a part of just coping with reality, and each of us sometimes needs a listening ear and a supportive environment. I invite you to find a home here and use this site as a source of information and support.
You can copy texts and photographs from this site for noncommercial purposes, with a reference. 

Online Psychotherapy

Since the Internet became the main source of information and communication, and all aspects of our life have adapted to this new reality, it is not surprising that online psychotherapy has also found its place on the web. The first attempts at online therapy began in 1995, and since then hundreds of web site provide various kinds of online psychotherapy. I  started developing my first online clinic in 1999, and psychom became the first site to provide a satisfactory alternative to face-toface therapy.

As part of my PhD research, I conducted the first ever comprehensive survey of online therapy and defined its special characteristics. I was especially interested in the new kind of therapeutic relationships that developed in online psychotherapy. Following my research I developed the first online clinic, which is the only one to date (most online therapists still use e-mail and chat rooms or video-chat), that offers a safe place for the therapeutic encounter.

The new psychom site includes an improved online clinic, which includes various types of interactions that are used in online therapy (online correspondence, offline correspondent, chat room, video-chat) and creates a secure space which is sometimes even preferable to face-to-face therapy.

Onlilne therapy enables millions of people who are hesitant about openly seeking psychological counseling to find help and support. The Internet offers a kind of anonymity, supplies a wide range of preliminary information and enables people to find the appropriate therapist with no limitations regarding time and location. The Internet has provided millions of people with an easily accessed source of emotional support.

Online therapy through writing has many advantages, since writing creates a higher level of awareness, speeds up emotional processes and documents therapeutic sessions so that clients can review them later.

Many therapists are still deterred by the new technologies and there is as yet no formal and comprehensive academic training program in online psychotherapy. psychom offers such training programs for both experienced therapists and beginners.

Online consultation  

Only when you face an emotional problem do you realize how difficult it is to find the appropriate specialist. We are so used to emotional difficulties involving learning, intimate relationships, mourning, sexual problems, etc., that we repeatedly put off dealing with them. 

When you do finally decide to call a professional specialist, you might be surprised to discover how difficult it is to find one. When one does find a specialist, but is not satisfied with the result, it is not easy to stop seeing him or her and find somebody better.

In my book Psychotherapy: A consumers' guide (the English edition will be published soon), I offer the reader guidance into finding the right therapeutic approach and the appropriate therapist. But as there are personal questions that cannot be answered by a book, it is best to consult with a specialist. 

psychom gives you the opportunity to cunsult with me in the secure online clinic 

You can register for a single consultation in the online clinic by clicking on Register for Consultation.  
If you have any question regarding the consultation, you can write to me: drorgreen@gmail.com.
                                   Good luck,
                                                   Dr. Dror Green 

 The online clinic

In psychom I have developed the first (and to date the only) online clinic, where you can meet me for fifty minutes, once a week, exactly like in a face-to-face clinic.
The therapeutic interaction online is carried out through writing (sometimes integrated with telephone or video-conferencing), and it is appropriate for you only if you are capable of writing and typing fluently. Written communication has many advantages, especially in that it documents the whole therapeutic process. Moreover, you can go back and review any session you wish whenever you wish.
Another advantage is that the online clinic belongs only to you, not to the therapist. I will meet you in your clinic only for the weekly session, but you can use the clinic and continue writing and practicing between sessions as well. 
The online clinic is also a useful space for group support and learning and it is also used by me for seminars and group experiences, as well as for supervision and training programs for psychotherapists.